Sumo Tournament Schedule on 2013-2014

How to buy the Sumo ticket.




Here is the Sumo tournament schedule on 2013-2014.

All tournaments are 15 days long.
Last day is the most exciting day!




The price is vary slightly between venues.

There are three different types of seats.

1: “Tamari-Seki” seat


It is very near from the “Dohyo”,a sumo ring.
The Sumo wrestler sometimes fall into this seat(dangerous)!
Eating and drinking, photo are not allowed in this seat.
The price is about JPY 14,300.

2: “Masu-Seki” seat



It is a box seat in which you sit on the floor.
Standard seat is for 4 persons and you need to pay for 4 persons.
The price is around JPY 10,000/person(JPY 40,000/4person)
There are some box seat for 1-6 persons.
Eating and drinking, photo are allowed in this seat.

3: Chair seat


Chair seats are on the second floor.
The price is JPY 2,000-5,000.


How to buy the Ticket

After you decide the date and seat, let’s go to this site to buy the ticket.



Tokyo, Kokugikan

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Osaka, Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium

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Aichi, Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium

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Fukuoka, Fukuoka Kokusai Center

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Before you visit, check this Real Sumo fighting video.
This is the one of best Sumo fighting games which is selected by travelience staff.

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